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My first experience with scams on the internet

In October 2001 I set up this web site to testify to the world about the great things that God has done in my life. Some time later I added links to my site on some websites from Afghanistan and from other countries having in mind the idea of proclaiming the testimony.

On Thursday, March 21, 2002 I received an email, supposedly from a Mrs. Magaji and coming from Afghanistan. They were offering me a donation of $20 Million Dollar for "my church" !

It would have been nice, but it turned out to be a scam. Now to warn others I incorporated this information on my web site.

Supposedly a widow of 74 years old, ill with cancer, converted to Christ, was writing me. She only had six months left to live. She chose "my church" after she visited my web site.

On Friday, March 22, 2002 I sent a reply. I commented to the person that God could heal her. And I gave her some contact information and the number of my savings account in a bank.

Monday, March 25, 2002 I showed the message to mr. Max Mejía, the man who brought Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International to El Salvador. After he read it he told me "pinch me", expressing me thereby that the matter was hard to believe.

I did not receive a reply and I sent a second message on Tuesday, March 26, 2002. Again I insisted with the person that God could heal her. I also expressed that I had learned about an earthquake in Afghanistan and that I hoped she was doing fine. I ended my message begging that she would answer my message.

After the easter holidays I still had not received a reply. I sent a third message on Tuesday, April 2, 2002. I commented that I had had my email box full. And that if she would have sent me a message, that she would send it to me again.

The next day I sent a fourth message. I begged once more that she would answer me or send me her answer again. Furthermore I expressed that it would be a very great blessing to receive the donation she mentioned. And that the needs were very great.

A few hours later I received a reply. In this message they asked me to make a phone call to a lawyer in Nigeria. But I had not payed my phone bills and I could not make calls from my home.

So I sent an email message to the supposed attorney, with a copy to the supposed Mrs. Magaji. I resent my contact information and the number of my savings account in a bank.

I did not receive a reply so the next day I sent another message. I commented again that I could not make phone calls. I asked that they would call me. And I proposed to the supposedly christian of age that she would publish her testimony for the benefit of her people.

At that stage of the game on one side I was analyzing and trying to determine whether this was for real and asking God. On the other side I was relating to whom had contacted me, opening up my heart, acting on good faith and following their instructions. And certainly hoping that the transaction that would render so much money would turn reality.

How God warned me about the scams!

That same Thursday in the evening I went to a chapter event where I met with brother Ricardo Knight who was visiting us from Honduras. I let him read the very first letter that I had received from the supposed Mrs. Magaji.

Brother Ricardo then told me of something that had happened to some brothers from Honduras some time ago. They had been contacted by people from Nigeria and had went to Africa. They had been taken hostage there and had had to pay large amounts of money. Fortunately they came out alive of that adventure.

The next day, Friday, April 5, 2002 I was thinking about all this and I prayed over it and then the Holy Spirit put this phrase in my mind:


I looked this up in Yahoo and saw a lot of web sites related to this subject. I learned that there exists a very big scamming business.

But I still had not received an answer to my last message. I did some more thinking and then I sent a message, in which I confronted the scammers with the truth and also made them a call to repent and reconcile with God.

How God confirmed me that it was a scam!

Saturday, April 6, 2002 I asked the Lord in prayer that He would show me what to think now about all this, that He would answer me through dreams, visions or signs.

In the afternoon I went to a place that I rarely go to since I have become a believer in Christ: a movie theater.

My wife would go to see E.T. with my two daughters. I would stay outside with our almost 7-months old baby.

While my wife was paying, I looked up and saw the titles of the movies.

I was very surprised to see one of the titles read:


Some confirmation!

Websites about scams on the internet

Scam emails I received over the years

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