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Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International

In July 1996 I moved from Belgium to El Salvador.

Half a year later, in February 1997, I was invited for the first time to an event of FGBMFI in a hotel of San Salvador.

It was the start of a whole new life.

One year later I went to my first Fellowship seminar and a few weeks later I started going to a church as suggested in the seminar.

Many extraordinary things have happened since then. You can read many details in my testimony .

Some members of FGBMFI have emailed me to ask me what the name of FGBMFI is doing on "such a religious web site". The answer is very simple : I testify what the Lord is doing in my life and the Fellowship is an integral part of that.

The Lord Jesus Christ used the Fellowship to reach out to me. The fellowship is where my first love for Him grew. During my stay in El Salvador I was an active member of the "Siete Mares" chapter for over 10 years.

The Fellowship has taught me to go to church and to seek the Lord. That is what I am constantly doing, and the Lord has responded with extraordinary signs and wonders.

The Fellowship has taught me to testify about my life and about the manifestations of the Lord, and that is why I have put up this web site, to be His witness "to the ends of the earth". (Acts 1:8)

Yes, I realize that my web site looks very religious. But what can I do about it? It is the Glory of the Lord that has manifested in my life!

In the second part of the Vision he received from God, Demos Shakarian saw "men with their arms and hands lifted in praise". Now the Lord has realized this transformation in me. I stand in awe because of all the great things the Lord does.

I seek the Lord with all my heart. I present myself before Him in the morning. I pray, I read in the Bible. I go to church. I try to love my neighbour. I try to be led by the Spirit all the time. Like Demos saw, I stand with my arms and hands lifted in praise towards God.

Have you never been to a fgbmfi event?

If you are not yet a christian believer or if you are a great doubter, please come to the events and give yourself the chance to listen to our testimonies while enjoying a meal. We don't try to convince you, we are just telling you plain facts.

If you are already a christian, you may want to come to the events to hear refreshing testimonies of what the Lord is doing in our lives.

The Fellowship is not a church, the events do not take place in a church building. There are breakfasts, dinners or suppers in hotels or restaurants.

The Fellowship has events in most countries. Maybe there is an event near you. Find out at the FGBMFI website .

May God bless you and keep you.
In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
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